Music Video

Music Video
Chloe Barnham- Candidate number: 5021

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thank You

Dear Examiner,
Here is all the work that I have done throughout my music video project (G324). I hope you enjoy it.

Chloe Barnham

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Feedback on Album cover

After finishing my album cover I decided that I needed to gather feedback from my target audience. I asked a number of teenage girls what they thought of my album cover.

The general feedback was that they liked the photographs I had used as it showed us what the stars looked like, essential for the album cover of a new star, who cannot rely on people just going out to buy the album because of the name of the band. They need to know what they look like.

They also like the colours I had used as they tied in with the name of the band, The Cherries, and the name of the album, Envious Eyes. They also liked that on the cover of the album I had used shoes, which was also used in the video.

Some criticism for the cover was that they were not sure if they would have used the same font for the bands name and for the album name. They also felt that I might have put the album title, Envious Eyes, in green as it may have been more fitting with the title.

Friday, 3 December 2010


Front Cover

Back cover

Inside Cover (Right)

Inside Cover (Left)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Possiable fonts for album cover and magazine advert

gI wanted something that looked fun and young, as I felt this was the most fitting for my band. I choose the first font as I felt that it was more interesting then some of the other fonts I had looked at.

Before making my final decision I decided to gather some feedback on which font people who were part of my target audience liked the best. The first and the second one proved to be the most popular and many felt that after seeing my video and learning what type of star image I was trying to create some of the other options for font were too simple. In the end I choose the first font as some of the people I asked said that this one felt more like a bands logo.